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Be Kind to Your Lashes

Aftercare is the primary factor in getting the most out of your lash extensions and keeping your natural lashes healthy.  Don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns.  We can be contacted by phone, txt, email, or our website contact form.

Keep Them Clean 

Wash lashes thoroughly with an approved cleanser and cleansing brush at least once a day.  Twice a day is recommended.  Keeping the lashes clean not only keeps the adhesive bond strong but prevents possible buildup of skin cells, oils and other debris that can cause inflammation of the lash follicle and/or bacterial infections.

Use Water Based or Powder Makeup Only

Products specifically formulated to be compatible with lash extensions are best, but most water based products or powders(like eyeshadow) are ok.  Avoid sticky, waxy, waterproof or extended wear products.  These types of makeup are extremely difficult to thoroughly remove and build up at the lash line which can not only affect the health of the natural lashes but can also create a coating on them which will cause a weak bond when more lash extensions are applied.

Hands Off

Unless cleaning or brushing the extensions, try not to touch them.  When they are rubbed or pulled the natural lashes are also being pulled and can be pulled out prematurely causing damage and leaving less natural (donor) lashes to extend at future fills.  This includes sleeping habits that cause them to be rubbed on the pillow.  This is a great incentive to break an eye rubbing habit and special sleep masks can help protect them from face or side sleeping.

Don't Wait Too Long For a Fill

We not only add more extensions during a fill but also remove grown out ones.  Because of this, we advise having at least 75% of extensions remaining for a mini fill, 50% for a Standard Fill and 25% for an Extended Fill.  Less than 25% and a Full Set is recommended..  

Avoid Extreme Heat

This included things like hot ovens, grills, bonfires and lighters.  The extensions will singe when exposed to extreme temperatures or fire which can cause the curl to fall and kinks to develop at the tips of the extensions.

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