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How To Choose Your Lash Artist

Eyelash Extensions being Applied
Daniela in Action

Lash extensions are growing in popularity and the number of lash salons to choose from is too. And for good reason! Waking up, emerging from a pool, or sweating it out on the hottest of Texas summer days. There they are, still perfectly curled and smudge free. But we've all heard of or even experienced the dreaded bad set. Irritation, clumps, pain, twisting and unflattering extensions that ultimately leave the natural lashes damaged. If only this was rare, but as more salons open quickly and rush techs through short training, it's all too common. So how do you choose your lash artist?

1: Word of mouth

Word of mouth is by far the best way to get recommendations for a lash artist. Ask friends and acquaintances who's lashes you love, and check online review sites. One poor review does not mean that place or person is not good, but a trend of similar complaints with unsatisfactory business replies and overall low rating is something to watch out for.

2: Pictures

Look for honest pictures of a variety of clientele and avoid places with only stock photos. But know that a picture can look beautiful and still be hiding things like lashes sticking together so this should only be one factor in your decision.

3: Training and experience:

This is important but there are many lash artists with years of experience and poor technique and many with less experience but very good technique, so this is possibly the least important factor. The best experience to look for is a person who was mentored by another respected lash artist and/or is always continuing their education.

4: Tools/Products

If your lash artist does not wear magnifiers or is working without adequate lighting it will be much more difficult if not impossible for them to ensure they are avoiding adhering tiny baby lashes to longer ones during application. When this happens it leads to discomfort and damage. Lashes grow in phases, that's why when one long one falls out, a half grown one is ready to replace it, and baby ones are already coming in to replace those. Disrupting this cycle will lead to increasingly sparse natural lashes, a need to take a break from extensions periodically and in extreme long term cases, more permanent damage. With proper application (and proper aftercare), lash extensions can be worn safely and indefinitely, or be removed without fear of having to live with damaged natural lashes.

5: Price

"Nice lashes aren't cheap and cheap lashes aren't nice." This is so incredibly true. Look out for super low introductory offers that require a contractual commitment. You will ultimately save time, money, and maybe your lash health, spending a little more to go somewhere with a better reputation.

6: Know When It's Time to Try Somewhere New

Ultimately, there is always a slight risk in giving someone new a try so knowing some red flags will help. Pain, pinching, twisting, clumping, are all warning signs. Lash extensions should feel like your own to the point that you forget you're wearing them. Discomfort is not normal and an indication that damage is being done to the natural lashes. Seeing extensions fall out with more than one natural lash attached is a definite sign that it's time to try someone else. If you suspect that you've had a bad lash extension application, it's best to have them looked at promptly to prevent as much damage as possible. Do give the new place a warning because fixing these problems can take extra time.


Don't give up on lash extensions if you've had a bad set because one good experience will completely change your mind! Still concerned about choosing a new lash artist? Just come to The Sassy Lash Studio where training and quality are a priority and put your worries to rest :).


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