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Volume Lashes and Growth Cycles

There’s so much to talk about in this photo!

——First, let’s talk about pre-made vs handmade volume fans. This handmade 5D volume fan was custom created and used minimal adhesive to keep it healthily lightweight. The multiple extensions were wrapped around the natural lash before the adhesive set creating a daintily pointed base with incredible retention capabilities. Pre-made fans cannot be customized and require far less skill to apply. They have a square base that can only sit on top of the natural lash requiring more adhesive be used but still do not have as strong a bond. There’s nothing wrong with pre-made fans, but it’s important to understand the difference when weighing factors such as pricing and desired outcome.

——Second, the arrow here is pointing at a lash that is visibly shorter and younger than the one with the grown out fan. When the older lash sheds, this younger one will take is place. This is why despite shedding multiple natural lashes per day, we don’t generally notice much difference in natural lash density. When that fan was placed, the younger lash would have been extremely small and difficult to see. We use the best lighting, magnification and tools and are very thorough to avoid sticking such lashes to another’s extension. Had this happened it would likely have pulled the young lash out and interrupted the natural growth cycle causing damage and leaving a gap. This is one reason why poor quality lash extension application can be damaging. Symptoms of this include a poking or pinching sensation and should be brought to your lash artist’s attention.

——-Last but not least, during a fill, extensions that have grown out like this are removed and a fresh one is placed ~1mm from the lash line. When considering how often to get a fill, remember that even when there are many extensions left if a lot are grown out you may need to book an extended appointment to get back to full set coverage. This can be difficult to discern but we can help guide you. With good aftercare, you should need a standard fill no more often than at 2 week intervals to keep your lashes looking their best. More about aftercare next time 😉


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