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Yes, wash your lash extensions!!

Buildup at the lash follicle
Buildup at the lash follicle

As lash artists, it is our job to create beautiful eyelash extension sets that you will fall in love with. We have trained and practiced our technique for years to safely enhance your natural lashes so you can enjoy your extensions for years without fear of damage. While our application will not damage your lashes, improper aftercare can and this is where we need your help. Our aftercare page will offer complete instructions but this post is to focus on one of the most important steps and that is keeping your lashes clean.

It's a very common misconception that washing lashes will cause them to fall out sooner, in fact, the exact opposite is true. If the extensions are coming off without a natural lash at any time (other than an occasional one) it's time to contact your artist to investigate the cause as this should not happen. It's also common to believe that if no makeup is worn then there is no reason to wash them but as the image above illustrates this is not the case. This photo was taken 3 weeks after a set. No makeup was worn during that time but as you can see there is a significant amount of buildup at the base of the lashes around the follicle. This is made up of dead skin cells, oils, and likely environmental debris (i.e. that lovely pollen all us Austinites know and love). The client had reported itchy eyes and the natural lashes had been shedding more than usual (the extension bonds to the natural lash had not failed). This was caused by the buildup and the reason is a little icky.

Many of us have teeny tiny mites that live in our lash follicle which feed off of dead skin cells(gross but normal and harmless). When there is too much of this food their population can boom and they crowd the lash follicle weakening it and causing the lash to fall out before it should. The good news is this is easily preventable, just wash your lashes daily (twice daily is even better) using a lash safe cleanser and lash cleansing brush. This will prevent itchiness, potential infections, and the sorrow of premature natural lash shed and with them our beloved extensions.

So what happened with this client and those like her? They began cleansing regularly and initially felt they were losing more lashes. This is because some of those lashes were already compromised and needed to shed. As new lashes started growing in they were kept clean and healthy and the results got better and better. In the end, their eyelash extensions stayed fuller between fills and fills were needed less often.

So have no fear and wash those lashes! Your eyes, lash artist, and pocketbook will thank you :).


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