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Traditional Lift vs. Keratin Lash Infusion Lash Lifts

All lash lifts work by adhering the lashes onto a mold, breaking the disulphide bonds of the hairs/lashes and then reforming those bonds keeping them locked in the new shape. So what's the difference between a traditional lift and the Keratin Lash Infusion? We're breaking down the pros and cons in this blog.

Traditional Lift


  • Lower Cost

  • Quicker appointment

  • Can get wet anytime after the service, though we strongly recommend waiting 4 hours so the leave in conditioners can provide maximum benefit


  • Uses ammonium thioglycolate which is harder on the lash and carries a risk of over processing (though minimal at The Sassy Lash Studio as we closely monitor the lash condition throughout the procedure)

  • Dehydrates the lash (conditioning is recommended aftercare)

  • Cannot be repeated more often than 6 weeks to avoid over-processing

Keratin Lash Infusion


  • Uses heat activated cysteine instead of ammonium thioglycolate so there is no risk of over processing

  • Leaves lashes softer, stronger and up to 40% thicker.

  • Promotes lash growth

  • The lashes can be reshaped from root to tip

  • The new shape starts to relax at 4-6 weeks so it will blend with new growth

  • Can be repeated as often as desired (but 8 weeks is typical)

  • Can be used to correct an over processed, or awkwardly growing out traditional lift


  • Slightly higher investment

  • Slightly longer appointment (almost a pro because 20 minutes are spent napping with a warm eye mask on).

  • Must keep the lashes dry and away from steam for 24 hours

Conclusion: Both are great services and can even be alternated to get the best of both worlds! To really protect those lashes, increase their diameter, promote growth and no need for conditioning aftercare, Keratin Lash Infusion wins out! For a quicker service and freedom to get them wet soon afterwards, Traditional Lifts are the way to go!


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